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St.Francis Animal Hospital at 7303 13 ave Brooklyn, NY 11229 718-621-1629 Dr.

Joseph S. Augello lied to me about the health of my puppy. A friend of mine at work has a sister that is a vet and she told me it is an old trick to lie to people about the health of the animal to overbill people. I am just so mad and hurt because they looked me in the eyes while they lied to me when they took my money.

Dr.Joseph Augello how do you sleep at night when you lie to people???


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I also had a bad experience with Dr.Joseph S.

Augello and his staff. I had just adopted a new kitten who was in need of treatment and he did all these tests and unnecessary exams only to find out $300 that my kitten wasn't injured and just needed more TLC. I will not be returning to St. Francis Animal Hospital in SI NY.

I also did not appreciate that they took it upon themselves to make unnecessary diagnoses for my kitten when he, as a vet, should know that my kitten would be alright without the x rays. They also mandate a stool sample for the first visit which is only racking up the bills more!!! If you have a budget for the vet, make sure you are able to differentiate what is necessary for your pet so you are not spending hundreds of dollars on unnecessary tests.

I don't know how you can lie to a traumatized family who is upset about their beloved new kitten being do you go home with a good conscience and sleep well at night?


You obviously lack brain cells why would anyone do that.

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Dont they know you can fool some of the people some of the time, but not all the people all the time. :p


was pulling teeth from puppies in Staten Island.I refused to let him pull teeth from my cat (600 dollars).

Subsequent visits to another vet said they were fine.He is dishonest.

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